For the safety of our friends in Afghanistan, we have removed their photos. We all need to watch out for each other. August 15, 2021.

Hoping for Peace. 


Nepal Earthquake Ongoing Recovery Fund and School Lunch Program

2015 - Present

Help Us to Help Others

​​Visions is our Music and Braille Program for Blind and Visually Impaired Students in Nepal. The program has been operating since 2015 with the assistance of music teacher, Ramesh ji who is also blind and acts as a mentor for the children. SRKF has donated musical instruments. Songs are transcribed into Braille serving multiple purposes to teach Braille, English, and Music together. 

We are working to make the world a better place through Art, Equality, and Education.

Importance of Education

The Shauna Rose Kaufman Foundation is dedicated to pursuing Shauna's passions of art, equality, and education. We provide art teachers and instructions to kids in the third world, work to correct imbalances caused by discrimination based on race and disability, and strive to make sure every kid gets the best education possible.

Our Story
When Shauna tragically passed in 2009, her family, though distraught with grief, immediately felt compelled to do something to create a positive force in the world in her name. In the first weeks after her death, the Kaufmans began what would later become the Shauna Rose Kaufman Foundation. They collected a number of donations from friends and families and started to get ideas for charitable work. They knew they wanted to promote Art, Equality, and Education. Today they have started programs in schools and communities around the world.Their work is inspired by Shauna's love and memory.





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Disasters affect everyone. It's our duty to help those who are struck by natural disasters, just as we would want help if we were victims.


“If you teach a man to fish...” Education gives everyone the tools they need to succeed through their lives.


We are all created equal. Yet man-made inequalities are everywhere. We strive to create balance in the world through our work.


Art is an integral part of life. Without art, we are not whole. We work in America and abroad to promote art and art education.

In the U.S., mail checks to: SRK Foundation 31463 Wingate Rd. Dagsboro, DE 19939 


The 2015 earthquake in Nepal devastated rural and remote communities. Our outreach continues through educational programs, support of students with disabilities and we continue our School Lunch for All program in remote Kavre District where we have been feeding children since we first met them in 2015. Sustainability matters! We do not undertake projects lightly but meet, investigate, and learn so that your donations are best served. 

In the months after the earthquake, our team of volunteers distributed food, shelter, and household goods to thousands of family members focusing on those most at risk. We have reached thousands of earthquake victims after the 2015 earthquake in 7 rural and remote districts. Our board members were on the ground providing food, shelter, and rebuilding schools. We continue to help in the long process of rebuilding school, homes, and health centers. We have followed up with medical care and school enrollment.

Yoga for Inner And Outer Peace Teaching Yoga and Meditation virtually in Afghanistan to students from Kabul University. We are honored to offer classes in Yoga for stress, grief, and trauma in Afghanistan. 
In partnership with the U.S. Embassy. This is an India/Afghanistan Cultural Program. 




Zambia, in sub-Saharan Africa, is a struggling country whose population of 17 million includes 1 million orphans. The AIDS epidemic has killed an entire generation of mothers and fathers and other family members, leaving vulnerable children alone in the world. your paragraph here.

Give hope to those who need it most!

We support two orphanages in Zambia, St. Cecilia's and Front Gate. These 100 children don't have enough to eat or beds to sleep in. With your help, we are building two classrooms and one kitchen and recreation area for the 65 children at Front Gate. The children currently all sleep in one room and don't have electricity and only receive one meal per day. If the orphanage closes, the children have no where to go. 

Vibrations is our program for dance, movement, and sign language at Nepal Deaf Higher Secondary School. Students are learning Nepali traditional dance and American dance aided by sign language. Students perform barefoot so that they can feel the vibrations of the music. If interested in volunteering, please contact us at : Please donate to support this important program for at-risk girls.