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Shauna's Hope is a groundbreaking policy in organ and tissue donation. This policy, effective throughout the entire state of Delaware, ensures that all non-hospital deaths are treated as potential donations. Prior to this policy, those who died outside of a hospital rarely were referred to Gift of Life, and therefore unable to donate. 

This policy was enacted after a mistake was made with Shauna Kaufman's organ donation. Though it was her wish to be a donor, the necessary call to Gift of Life was made too late, and Shauna's wish went unfulfilled. Through the collaboration of Hal Brown, Deputy Director of the OCME, Chris Graham of the Gift of Life (GOL) Foundation, and Amy Kaufman, Shauna's mother, the Shauna's Hope policy was created. 

Little more than one year after the policy was enacted, the number of GOL referrals rose from 3 to 44, and the number of donations rose from 0 to 12.  From one mistake, it is estimated that 469 people were helped in only the first year of Shauna's Hope. To learn more, read the articles above.

Help us to spread the word about Shauna's Hope and promote awareness about organ donation by having a discussion with your family. When someone dies, the law looks to the Next of Kin to honor the wishes of the deceased. This means it's imperative that you talk to your family about your wishes, even if you are signed up as a donor on your driver's license.


Become a donor today! It takes about 5 minutes to sign up online:

If you signed up as a result of awareness around "Shauna's Hope" please contact us through the Home page and let us know your story.

Please help us to promote awareness of the importance of organ and tissue donation by contributing below. We are planning a short film about "Shauna's Hope" that will be provided to schools and community groups. Contributions can be specified to be used towards organ and tissue donation awareness or to the general fund.

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Chris Graham and Amy Kaufman with a poster on Shauna's Hope. This poster was presented at the American Association of Tissue Banks' (AATB) annual conference.

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Chris Graham (Gift of Life Foundation), Ian Kaufman, Holly Kaufman, Amy Kaufman, and Hal Brown (Deputy Director of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner) after meeting with Delaware Governor Jack Markell about the success of the Shauna's Hope policy.