School Lunch for All

Due to the Covid -19 pandemic, these services have been halted. We are currently focused on getting food to vulnerable families with disabilities. 

A donation of just $36 supplies one child with school lunch for an entire year. After the earthquake, many principals have been asking us to help bring the children back to school. The children and community are happy and proud to have their first ever school lunch program! Everyone is volunteering, helping with delivery, and cooking and feeding the grateful children. Please help us. How will you spend $36 this year? Can you help us to prevent malnutrition while also encouraging the children to attend school? 

School Lunch for All is an initiative of the Shauna Rose Kaufman Foundation. The program is currently running in two primary schools in Kavre District, an area severely affected by the April 25th earthquake. 

Program Details

Students currently being served school lunch: 108

Foods provided: Rice, beans, noodles, popcorn, chiura, dairy and eggs

Schools benefited: Jana Jagriti Primary School

Years run: since 2015