Despite her physical disabilities, Sunita is a bright girl. We asked if she wanted to go to school and she meekly, hopefully said yes. We were determined to help her find a place to learn, whether through a private tutor, or a disabled school in Kathmandu.

Fortunately for Sunita, the local private school Hill Development Academy was willing to accept her and help her along the path of her education. The principal and teachers understand her challenges and have promised to support and educate her. Although she will have to start from the lowest grade and work her way up, no doubt it is a terrific opportunity and benefit in her life.

Today is Sunita's first day of school. In her whole life.

EQUALITY - Education, Opportunity, and Economics

Nov. 24, 2019

All of our projects aim to equalize inequities in education, services provided, and through economic opportunities.

Visions is our Braille and Music Program for Blind and Visually Impaired High School students in Nepal.

Vibrations is our Dance and Sign Language Program for at-risk girls who have come from remote areas of Nepal to study.

In Africa, we are struggling to equalize opportunities for double orphans. In many parts of the world, a a fatherless or motherless child is called an orphan. Many rural communities will take in children even if they aren't their own. But a double orphan, has lost both of their parents and often aunts and uncles too and so is truly without anyone to care for them. This is the case in Zambia where AIDS has left one million children without their parents, aunts and uncles, and other family members. So it is in Africa that we focus our efforts to feed, clothe and shelter as many orphans as we can. Currently that means  undergoing a project to build two classrooms and one larger dining and recreation room for orphans from St. Cecilia's Orphanage. The children are so hungry and don't have beds or electricity. The situation is really desperate and we really need your support.

March 26th, 2011

Reflections on Healing Historic Harms

This past Monday-Wednesday was The Coalition for Justice's first time hosting the Healing Historic Harms Experiential Workshop. The Shauna Rose Kaufman foundation supported this community event by providing a hot meal for lunch. Charito Calvachi-Mateyko led the group of about fifteen people and spoke about her work as a restorative justice practitioner. You can read more about this event at

Participants sit in a circle holding string to create "the Web of Life", 
a metaphor for the interconnectedness of all people.

April 30th, 2012

Latino Film Event

The Foundation partnered with The Latino Initiative, another Delaware non-profit founded by Charito Calvachi-Mateyko, to host an event for the under-served community of Latinos in Sussex County, Delaware. The event brought together a host of local residents to talk, receive information, and share in watching the film 9500 Liberty, which documents and explores some of the discrimination Latino communities have to face in rural areas.

Kids make "Ojos de Dios" while their parents watch a movie about equality upstairs.

In addition to viewing the film, the community discussed local community issues and representatives from the Delaware DMV provided information on obtaining drivers' licenses. Holly Kaufman and David Luna provided art class and child care while the adults discussed the film, and Issa Luna provided wonderful authentic Mexican food the for more than 80 individuals in attendance.

December 2014

Naya Prakash...
New Light

 Ghurni Devi Chaudary was suffering from severe cataracts. She traveled many hours from her home in the plains of Nepal to go to an eye hospital in Kathmandu to undergo surgery. But when she realized she could not afford the cost of the surgery, she simply left the hospital, unable to cure her blindness. 

Our friend and foundation volunteer Ram Krishna Sahi told us about Ghurni Devi and made her the first recipient the Shauna Rose Kaufman Foundation's "New Light" program to treat preventable blindness. Ghurni Devi underwent surgery right away and is currently making a fast recovery.

There are up to 30,000 new cases of cataracts in Nepal every year. Thousands of poor laborers or farmers like Ghurni Devi cannot afford to treat their degenerating eyesight. New Light provides a chance for these people to heal their eyes and see the world anew.

Please donate to the project and share new light with someone in need. A $100 donation will pay for one life-changing surgery! If you or anyone you know has ever undergone cataract surgery, you know the freedom and wonder that comes with restoring failing vision. Give the gift of new light, and you also give back all the sunsets, flowers, and smiling faces that would be lost in the clouds of preventable blindness.

July 2015

A chance to study...
Sunita Tamang Lama suffered from cancer, causing her to be unable to walk. In her village home in Sindhupalchok, not being able to walk also meant not being able to go to school - a one hour commute on foot for even the other children. With the support of Shauna Rose Kaufman Foundation and Bright Star Society, Sunita now has a wheelchair to move from place to place. (Previously she relied on her mother to carry her on her shoulders.)

Sunita's newfound mobility also means another opportunity: the chance to study.

When we visited her the first time to deliver her wheelchair, we asked her age, and what class she was in. Sunita is 12 years old but she was sad and embarassed to have to answer that she is not in school, and has never been in school.


"Every person has worth, no matter how different they are... Our differences should be celebrated, not stereotyped." - Shauna Kaufman

When Shauna was 16, her personal experience and her deep passion for promoting equality led her to speak at a local Coalition For Justice (formerly Coalition For Tolerance and Justice) meeting about being confronted with discrimination.

An article about Shauna and her efforts to foster understanding through art was featured in the Cape Gazette, recognizing the voice of young people in the journey towards equality.

February 17th, 2011

Healing Historic Harms Workshop

On March 21st-23rd, Charito Calvachi-Mateyko, Restorative Justice practitioner and Judith Trustone, creator of the Global Kindness Revolution will lead an experiential training workshop called Healing Historic Harms. This workshop will explore how historic events such as slavery, mistreatment of Native Americans, and the Holocaust remain with us in our daily lives. These traumatic events have affected not only the victims of inequality, but also the perpetrators and the bystanders. The Coalition For Justice will host this three day event and work with people from many different backgrounds to examine how the past has affected them.

The Shauna Rose Kaufman Foundation is proud to support this event by sponsoring a participant and a lunch for the three day workshop. For more information on the event

To learn more about Charito Calvachi Mateyko:

The Shauna Rose Kaufman Foundation is proud to sponsor the second Healing Historic Harms workshop to be held Oct. 27-29 in Wilmington, Delaware